Thursday, July 19, 2012

Donut Falls

It is amazing what you can think about when you are at work by yourself for basically 3 whole months.  While I was picking weeds on Monday, I thought to myself..."self why don't we go on a hike after work"  dang that was such a great idea.  That's just what I did.  My roommate Vanda came with me and the weather was just beautiful.  We left our house at about 4 and got up to the trailhead called "Mill D", where we dropped off the car and started on our adventure.  Thankfully at the trailhead there was a bathroom so we both partook of its services and off we went.  The sun was hot but the trees shaded most of the trail and the animals were all out enjoying the sunshine as well. Here are some of the animals we were able to enjoy.
This deer was in the middle of the trail and then moved in to the woods and watched us like we couldn't see each other.  Then as soon as we started walking away it ran in the opposite direction down the trail.
We saw a lot of squirrels just looking for food on the trail.
 This little chipmunk was squeaking at us until we took pictures of it.  Cute little thing.
 Another squirrel waiting to see where we were going to go
The little purple flower has a bumble bee just pollenating his little heart out!

 Two more squirrels just eating and playing around

Pretty little Moth/Butterfly thing


 There were also a lot of pretty flowers to enjoy as well.
The trees were also fun to look at.



Isn't that just a beautiful view!

But the best and my most favorite part of the whole hike was when we thought we were lost and were walking down by the water as it was rushing down the mountain.


What a great way to witness some of God's greatest creations!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Out with the Old, In with the New!

Last Friday we had our friends, Bryce and Caitlin, over to finish Caitlin's mother day present for her mom.  Vanda asked me to do the dishes and I discovered that the disposal really stunk.  We didn't have any citrus fruit in the house to put down there to help it smell better, so I used apple cider vinegar for the time being.  Well that didn't help much, so on Saturday Vanda bought a disposal cleaner that we used that night.  It said to clean two to four minutes, so at the three minutes mark we heard this clinging around in the disposal and at four minutes it basically overheated and died.  We let it set over night to cool down but it only made a buzzing sound once it was reset and turned on.  Thanks to Vanda's brother, she was able to order a new one and have it here by Tuesday and we installed it that day, which happens to be yesterday. Here are a few pictures that capture the moment. :)
 This is the sink after I took out the old disposal
 Here is the old disposal
 This is the new disposal
 The sink with the new disposal installed
All finished and working like a pro!
There is nothing this girl can't do.  On Monday I put a grill together and cooked 24 hamburgers and about 14 hot dogs for our friends and families.  That is another story, so our friend Laura's husband Todd, was going to come over monday to check out our leaking stop and waste valve.  So we decided to invite there family over for a BBQ.  Then our friend Tamera's husband Tony came over to till our garden, so we invited there family over as well.  But it all started when Harwards family was going to come up for FHE to pull out our bushes in the backyard and trim the rest of the bushes and grass around to make it look inviting.  So we ended up having Harward's dad, mom and little brother, Tamera, Tony, Caitlin, Bryce, Noah, Laura, Todd, Austin, His friend who's name starts with an A, Megan, and Andrew, along with Vanda, Harward, Beas and me, that's 18 people.  It was a house full but lots of fun!  Anyway I left work, filled the propane tank and spent the next hour and a half putting the BBQ together in 80+ degree weather.  WOWZA it was HOT!!!